Participating as a Voter is Financially Smart

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150x100 Participating as a Voter is Financially Smart
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Like it or not, our governments are in control of huge amounts of money, including a portion that, in theory, belongs to me.  Our leaders in our locality, state and Federal governments have leveraged themselves use of that money over a period of years.  Since the founding of the nation, there have always been people who have felt that tax rates are too high.  It seems that sentiment is only growing with time.

I don’t agree with many of the ways our government chooses to manage it’s financial affairs.  Among the ways I try to communicate that to my elected officials consists of voting.  The vote is one of the easiest and one of the most treasured political acts a citizen can make.  It requires a small investment in your time, yet our voter turnout is shockingly dismal.  It is even lower among young people.  If it is difficult to mobilize citizens to go to the polls, how can we expect to take on the more difficult work of solving the nation’s long ignored and festering problems?

Some people do not see voting as a financial issue.  But, most people do not realize that the total tax burden on individuals ranges from about 10 to 30% of income.  If you are spending 1 to 3 dollars of every 10 you earn on an item, wouldn’t you normally want to choose the one who is doing the spending?

Do the financially smart thing.  Get to the pools on November 2, 2010.

 Participating as a Voter is Financially Smart
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