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Studies show that the best way to learn is to do.  Failing that, the best way to learn is to perform activities that simulate the activity as closely as possible.  The lessons we try to teach are those the tell how to manage a steadily growing pool of wealth.  Most of us who start are not blessed with a large pool of cash with which to learn how to manage money. 

Games are excellent tools to learn how to manage money.  Some of the games listed here are very common and familiar.  Others are more exotic. 

Here are a few really cool games that can be used to teach financial literacy and business.


monopoly In Person GamesMonopoly is one of the most familiar games which has a financial theme.  It offers good lessons on how to get rich in real estate.  At the same time, it begins with a paradigm that is an ultimate failure in business.  It works on the premise that only 1 player can win.  Therefore, business owners only succeed at the expense of the others.  LIFE Skills has developed rule variants which turn this on its head and brings about new learning from a classic game.

Mogul – The Game of Entrepreneurship

Mogul Game Board1 In Person Games

Mogul is a new game we developed in house which teaches up to 10 different lessons on how to grow and manage a business.  The game is structured to bring about the desired lessons which can vary from collaboration and labor relations to accounting and macroeconomic theory.  If interested in playing the game, contact us.

Cash Flow

41 vd%2B01ckL. SL160  In Person GamesCASHFLOW 101

This game was produced by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  This game is special.  It teaches some of the fundamental lessons of investing, due diligence, financial decision making and managing a personal financial statement.  It's expensive — retailing around $200, but believers in the game believe in its value.  If interested in playing here in Omaha or nearby areas, please contact us. 

The Money GameTM

TheMoneyGame Logo 1 In Person Games

The Money Game is a fantastic interactive group game with teaches financial matters to kids.  It can be used for groups of kids and young people of up to 30 participants.  LIFE Skills can facilitate The Money GameTM for you or you can purchase a version for yourself directly from the supplier.







 In Person Games
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