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We are the only site that is exclusively dedicated to helping young people plant their feet safely on the road of financial success.  It is my hope that you will visit here often.  If you are a parent, we will work with you to help you empower your children so they make financially smart choices.  If you are a young person, you will find this forum a great place to learn from others, interact and develop skills that take most of us years to develop–if we ever do.

I learned through a lot of pain and heartache that the dumb financial decisions I made at the dawn of my career dramatically impacted my enjoyment and quality of life for years after that.  I established this community in the hopes that I can spare others the pains and troubles that I unwittingly allowed myself to experience.

I look forward to helping you find and follow the road of financial success, no matter if you are 9 to 90 years young.



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