Please share your endorsements of Nick, our work, our program and LIFE Skills in general.

10320 250238270244 611200244 8768802 1867744 a TestimonialsNick is a tireless and extremely focused person who I take great pleasure in knowing. We have spent much time together talking about life and how to help others. Nick always does what he says he will do…giving back is one of those things that is extremely high on his list! Kudos Nick, it is truly an honor knowing you and calling you a friend!

Ryan Steele
WCRT - Chicago

38df9e1 Testimonials"Nick's LIFE Skills program is top notch. I've learned so much from Nick and his program. I'm now more confident in my personal financial stability than ever before."

Chris Tracy
Davenport, Iowa

0f38aad TestimonialsNick values and promotes education through guided self discovery which makes for a more enriched experience and a longer lasting impression.

Victoria Allen
Chicago, Illinois

196707 604459316861 34004813 33371750 4435320 a TestimonialsNick is helpful, approachable, and great at explaining things simply and in layman's terms – a bonus for someone like me who has trouble wading through all the jargon!

Meagan Savage
Alpha Phi Omega

1d6250f TestimonialsThis game could be a very educational and thought-provoking tool for those starting a business as well as those that are studying business. I found it to be entertaining and stimulating, and also learned from collaborating with other players.

Sherry Sivey
Solutions Plus

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